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Wood Underwear

Wood Undershirt Crew Neck Space Blue

Wood Undershirt Crew Neck Space Blue

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There are lots of reasons to wear an undershirt. Even more to wear a Wood crew neck undershirt. Flattering as a base layer. Super hot under a sports coat. Get your Wood on.

White undershirts are an everyday wardrobe staple. If they aren't part of yours, they should be.

Why Wear an Undershirt? If you don’t know the answer, we’re here to help. If you do, then you know, it's time to stock up. NOW.

  • Undershirts protect your outer layers - you know, that investment in sweaters and shirts you’ve just made….protect them from sweat, deodorants, etc.
  • Undershirts help you stay dry. Yes they do. Wood Undershirts wick that moisture from your skin. All day dry.
  • Undershirts have a slimming effect. Yep, true.
  • Undershirts provide an added layer of insulation as we go into fall and winter temperatures.

This body fit, crew undershirt feels and looks amazing. No bind. Longer tail to stay tucked in. It's your go-to!

High performance - Lenzing TENCEL™ Modal (spun from beech tree cellulose), cotton blend is also ultra-comfortable.

All day wear. Super easy care.

Machine wash cool with like colors. Tumble dry low heat.

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